My girlfriend loves to get fucked by a huge dildo

My girlfriend loves to get fucked by a strap on

I recently found a huge dildo in my girlfriends drawers and I was very curious to know what she gets up to with it when I’m not around. I confronted her on the weekend and she said her friend bought it round once when they were having a sex toy party, where all the girls would get together and share sex stories, drink alcohol and buy sex products to enhance their sexual pleasure.

I believed her at first, but then I was wondering why the hell she would buy such a huge dildo if she had no-one to use it with, I confronted her again and I managed to sneak a look at her mobile messages, it turns out she’s been meeting girls for the last couple of months and fucking them on camera! I was distraught at first but then I got turned on by the thought of it, here are some of the photos!

Fresh pictures of real girlfriend

Fresh pictures of real girlfriend

The girlfriend and I were out shopping today collecting the last few bits for our holiday which is in a couple of month’s time. When we had all the stuff we needed we went to the nearest checkout to pay for our goods and this hot young teen served us, she must have been 18 years old and she was genuinely one of the hottest girls I’ve ever set eyes on – even my girlfriend could see I couldn’t take my eyes off her.

I went outside of the shop and waited for my girlfriend as she decided to stay in there and look around some more and when she came out she told me she asked the girl behind the counter to come back to our place when she finished work, I honestly thought she was just playing around but when I heard the doorbell I could see she wasn’t.

I took the liberty of opening the door and I could not believe my eyes, this girl was barely wearing anything and I knew instantly how this was going to turn out. All three of us instantly hit it off and it wasn’t long before we were all naked in bed together – my girlfriend loved it when I was fucking the shit out of this young girl while she led there and fingered her dripping wet pussy.

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I was working away last weekend and I’ve always been pretty suspicious of the way my girlfriend acts around our male friends, it’s like she’s flirting with them and sending them mixed messages. So this weekend when i was away i got my trusted friend to setup a camera in our living room and these are the sort of acts my girlfriend is up to on a daily basis when I’m away on business!

I always thought i could trust her but it turns out my thoughts were wrong all along, and she really is a cheating little whore just like everyone else thought she was! She doesn’t ever take it in the ass when we have sex as she always complains it hurts her too much, yet she is taking it in her ass by a big rod here and she absolutely loves it, just proves she always does it when I’m not home! I’ve got my own back on the bitch by posting these photos online anyway!

My natural ex-girlfriend at home feeling horny as hell

My natural ex-girlfriend at home feeling horny as hell

I’d like you all to meet my ex-girlfriend – Clico. I was really disappointed when we broke up because she was a complete natural beauty – physically and mentally. I loved nothing more than sucking on those natural big tits of hers, and sticking my fingers in her soaking wet shaven pussy. I understand she’s not the best looking girl in the world, but these photos prove that she has a smoking hot body and I’m sure many of you looking at them would love to fuck her – luckily enough for me I have and I still do now!

We broke up because I worked away a lot of our relationship and she was always left at home alone doing naughty things with other men online and watching a lot of porn on xtube porn– and I can understand why seeing as I wasn’t able to give her any attention. I’m just glad we can still remain fuck buddies and she still loves it when I upload all of these dirty photos of her.

My beautiful ex-girlfriend Elen home alone

My beautiful ex-girlfriend Elen home alone

When I’m working away all week long which is pretty much most of the time I get bored and my ex-girlfriend gets even more bored, we’re only apart because we couldn’t keep a long distance relationship together so we still talk a lot and when I do eventually get time off I go live and I watch her live sex show as she wants to become a Live Pornstar Cams model.
When I’m back in my hotel from a long hard day at work I always get nice text messages from my ex saying that she misses me, but these aren’t the sort of messages I want – I want the sort that contain sexually explicit images of her fingering her soaking wet pussy and I usually get what I want from her.

I can tell she still loves me just as much as she did before we broke up and I’m glad because I still get to see that sexy body of hers and I even get to see a few videos of her playing with her snatch. Here are some of the photos.